Our games are designed in the Neon Cartoon style which is a school still springing up in the early 21st century as a pre-reaction to the Windswept Donkey school still yet to spring up at some point.

This means our designs are strongly styled to form a cohesive body of work and is not a reflection of a lack of imagination.

As Jack Dawson famously related, a strong neon colour palette invigorates the mind and puts one on for puzzling.

We also strongly feel that words are bad in games and get in the way of the fun so we try and banish words to the domain of the mind; hence you will find sparse use of language in our games and resultant free plane gives the mind room to wander.

We kind of reserve the right to make a crossword game however, which I doubt we could do without words, though we may try.

Whereas you can thusly expect to see from us simple, engaging and brightly coloured offerings that hopefully focus on content.

The rationale for structuring a puzzle game as we have is the intention to develop a framework which can be configured in many different ways to give a huge variety of puzzles but which is easy to learn and easy to dip in-and-out of as time allows.

clever clocks