Welcome, oh welcome to Zero Ideas Ltd, the number one internet / high-street destination for addictive and fun puzzle games.

Zero Ideas is a loose collective of left and right brainers providing trivial but enriching recreational opportunities. We are like Marverick off of Top-Gun, except there was only one of him- that we know of. Also, we do not have an aeroplane, we should make that clear; although in the Air Force we don't think you own your plane anyway, so there is no difference. You just fly it for them. It is a similar principle here, we don't own your fun, you just have it for yourself. Hopefully lots of it.


We live in and around and at Brighton in the UK, which is a town noted for features. There are some special yellow buildings and they redid the bandstand after about ages. You can get ice cream when it is warm; that is to say when the weather is warm- the ice cream is cold, else send it back.
We are working on a suite of mobile/ tablet games which you can play about on and generally have a jolly old time. You will have to pay for them or look at adverts so we can make money to buy products.

You sort of go on this journey with them by buying-in to the action and in a sense find your own midday, i.e. inner peace. Over the course of the many hundreds of thousands of millions etc. of levels you should become a better person by degrees and have some quality relaxation time to boot. We arrange the levels in groups according to a secret pattern so there is always lots to go at. Plus there is an extra special surprise for anyone that gets all the way to level 1 billion.

Like real life, someone is always keeping score and you can get more points by completing the level in fewer moves. If you are feeling brave you could try and get loads of first awards for getting the best possible solutions and compare with your friends & colleagues and beat them, then you may rest.

Check back for updates on new game development, we just basically have to think of some ideas and then make them, then it should be fine.