Zero Ideas is pleased as punch to mutter the release of our first game on Google Play, Amazon and iTunes.

Clever Clocks is a game of pondering over puzzles where the player must align a series of dials (Clever Clocks) so that they are all pointing upwards to 12 o'clock.

The Clever Clocks are turned by pressing the buttons which adorn the lower portion of the screen, each press turns a certain selection of the Clever Clocks according to which colors are indicated next to the  dial.

Some clocks turn anticlockwise if their color is shown on the left of the button, whereas if their color is shown on the right of the button then the clock will turn clockwise as nature intended.

Thereby one must work out a course of action which will invariably be a series of button presses but may also include making coffee and stroking one's chin.

Through judicious button pressing the Clever Clocks will turn to their rest position of pointing directly upwards and order will be restored.

We have played the levels a few times and we reckon we have worked out the least possible number of moves in which each level can be done, if you can complete each level in this number of moves, as well as the natural feeling of superiority which arises, you will also get 100 points.

In this instance points do not mean prizes but they do mean points which is great because getting a high score makes you a good person, and good people are looked upon favourably by society.

In order to keep the player on the straight and narrow, the game shows the number of moves left in order to get the top score - if the player goes over this number then sadly the potential award will have to drop to 50 points.

If the player is literally third-rate then 25 points will be awarded and if there turns out to be great hardship although ultimately triumph; that is to say that the level is completed but in a huge number of moves, then no points will be given but the player does unlock the next level.

There are a massive 3,600 levels to go at; that is because it is an horological number if you think about it, which we did.

Clever Clocks Screenshot








version history

Let's be honest, version 1.0 had some issues but we were just glad to get it out there to be frank. We had missed some devices we should be supporting. Version 1.1 had no scores and the levels were too easy so we had to make it a bit harder and introduce some sensible scoring.

Version 1.2 was close but lacked a bit of sparkle, hence mankind is now in possession of version 1.3 which is hopefully the end of the story- in order to cram sparkle in we have invented an entirely new technology.

Not Always Same Tone - Yay! or N.A.S.T.Y. technology means that if you are forced or choose to play the same level twice then it will be presented in a gloriously different set of colors.

basic tactics

Maybe you are struggling with Clever Clocks because your mind doesn't quite work that way yet? No worries, no-one makes their first jump. The first thing to note is which side of the button the clock's color is to be found, because that shows which way the clock will turn.

With this in mind you need to consider if there are any clocks which are only moved by one button as these can then be dealt with first.

If there is are any clocks which are turned by several buttons but which in the light of the buttons you just pressed can now only be turned by one button in order not to disturb another completed clock then these can be pressed next.

Lastly you will be left with any clocks which cannot be determined so easily, in this case you must compare the current position of all the clocks turned by a given button and the effect of that button, you must hold this in your mind and work out a combination of such buttons which will complete the level.

You can of course just tap randomly and eventually you will complete the level, this tactic will work especially well on level 1.