About us

Zero Ideas was formed way back in 2012; remember those days!? Hoverboards, 'Speak and Spell', spam etc.

Whereas we decided not to spend our time flying round eating spiced ham sandwiches or 'hamwiches' but instead thinking of ideas for games and emailing them to each other. E-mail was hip in those days.

Zero Ideas is physically based on the South Coast of the UK which at the time of writing still exists and is in Europe, spiritually we are baseless and ultimately there is no 'we'.

'The collective' as we are absolutely not known is located in Hove which is the bigger, more impressive neighbour of Brighton- a minor seaside hamlet of little note. Brighton hardly has any tech companies whereas Hove is awash with them and they are all doing massively progressive and hugely lucrative projects (see products page for details).

We like to produce puzzle games which are entertaining and fun yet carry a serious message, namely that one must think deeply to complete the harder levels (of life).

Zero Ideas produces addictive puzzle games which are delivered as native apps for portable phones which are variously referred to as cell phones, mobile phones, field telephones etc.

We try to make challenging yet rewarding puzzle games which better the player in ways they probably never imagined; what is more, we deliver these games on iOS and android.

The founding of Zero Ideas is known throughout Hove, Portslade and Shoreham* as 'Year Zero', but here was a time before Zero Ideas, like the dark ages.

Recent research has shown those ages not to be that dark at all and so if reading this could count as research you will learn that nor were the years before Zero Ideas.

In 'The Negative Years' as they could reasonably be called we used to make harder gaming opportunities where you could actually lose money, although I should point out you could also win money.

The point being cash frequently changed hands on a random basis and this organized chaos can be witnessed in graphical form below.

We don't really do such things anymore because it is not nearly as awesome as making puzzle games.

We like making puzzle games.





* By 'known throughout' I obviously mean 'not known at all'.